"Project ZoSo" is going open source

After a long hiatus I have finally decided to open the doors for this project to be open source. I have been getting lot of inquiries about the status of the project but thought that it wouldn’t be fair since the project has not been updated over an year to sell it. Therefore, I am officially making it open source to let anyone who is interested in using it for their commercial/non-commercial use to be completely free.

I will be working on the project moving forward on my free time. If you utilize my project to create something of your own I would be interested to see how you guys make out.


  • Unity 3D
  • Photon Network
  • Raven DB
  • DigtalRune


  • Character creation
  • Quests
  • Items
  • Action bar
  • Spells
  • Conversation
  • Merchants
  • Collision
  • Map
  • World to World
  • Combat
  • Loot

Upcoming Features

  • Custom Physics System
  • Replace RavenDB with MySQL

How to install



  • Jonn
  • 06:39PM / Jan 14, 2020

Any updates on the game??


  • Praveen Blogger
  • 01:10AM / Jun 12, 2020

There should be something coming in the next year.


  • hsl9999
  • 10:06AM / Aug 05, 2020

Hi, your project is great. But I have a problem.
There is an error in the output Photon Server’s log.
The game can create characters but cannot enter the game, there will be a black screen.

Phonton Server V4.0

server log:
ERROR ExitGames.Threading.FailSafeBatchExecutor [(null)] - System.Exception: Peer is not initialized yet
At Photon.SocketServer.ServerToServer.S2SPeerBase.SendOperationRequest(OperationRequest operationRequest, SendParameters sendParameters) h:\svncontent\photon-socketserver-sdk_cloud\src\Photon.SocketServer\ServerToServer\S2SPeerBase.cs:Line 123
At Karen90MmoFramework.Server.World.OutgoingChatListenerPeer.Karen90MmoFramework.Server.Core.IOutgoingServerPeer.OnConnect(S2SPeerBase connectedServerPeer) D:\Downloads\ZoS2\server\photon_server\Karen90MmoFramework.Server.World\OutgoingChatListenerPeer.cs:Line 258
At Karen90MmoFramework.Server.Core.SubServerApplication.CreateServerPeer(InitResponse initResponse, Object state) D:\Downloads\ZoS2\server\photon_server\Karen90MmoFramework.Server\Server\Core\SubServerApplication.cs:Line 259
At Photon.SocketServer.ServerToServer.TemporaryServerPeer.CreateServerPeer(Object responseObject)  h:\svncontent\photon-socketserver-sdk_cloud\src\Photon.SocketServer\ServerToServer\TemporaryServerPeer.cs:Line 430
At Photon.SocketServer.ServerToServer.TemporaryServerPeer.OnReceive(Byte[] data, SendParameters sendParameters, Int32 rtt, Int32 rttVariance, Int32 numFailures)  h:\svncontent\photon-socketserver-sdk_cloud\src\Photon.SocketServer\ServerToServer\TemporaryServerPeer.cs:Line 417
At Photon.SocketServer.ServerToServer.TemporaryServerPeer.<>c__DisplayClass2.

b__1() h:\svncontent\photon-socketserver-sdk_cloud\src\Photon.SocketServer\ServerToServer\TemporaryServerPeer.cs:Line 377
At ExitGames.Threading.FailSafeBatchExecutor.Execute(Action action)  c:\(Work)\(EG)\exitgames-libs\src\Core\Threading\FailSafeBatchExecutor.cs:行号 111


  • Don
  • 09:00AM / Aug 19, 2020

i just would like to know what ravendb and which photon to use.  I did get the server up and running but apparently its the wrong version of raven because the client connects but it hangs because the server doesn’t read the user db .  if you know please let me know thanks


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