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Bravu is an app that allows users to capture the positive moments of their lives and share it with others. We were tasked with developing both an iOS and Android app from the designs in Figma. We delivered both products with outstanding quality and released on the app store.

Bravu Samples


We were tasked with creating a social media application that will perform consistently and look the same across all devices including web. We used a LAMP stack based API endpoint for this project. iOS application was written in Swift and Android was in Java. The application is capable of capturing photos then adding filters, as well as videos, and share it with others. Other users can view latest posts and react, comment, or share with others. Video streaming was done using AWS S3 combined with CloudFront CDN to deliver videos across the globe fast.


LAMP, CodeIgniter, MySQL, PHP, HTML, CSS, JS, S3, CloudFront, Kinesis Stream, SNS, SES, REST


Our primary challenge was managing both iOS and Android UI interfaces, and video streaming across the globe that will play fast without latency. To solve our UI consistency issue, we utilized our proprietary UI building tool to only create the UI once and export it to both Swift UI and Android Yaml UI. This considerably accelerated our UI building for the project. To solve our video streaming issue, we ended up using a CDN by utilizing AWS CloudFront that will stream directly from our S3 bucket.


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