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This is basically a versatile web development tool to speed up front-end development. You can create complex HTML/CSS/JS pages easily using reusable drag & drop components that can be further extended to suit your specific application needs to speed up any kind of development.

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After working on multiple front-end websites I realized the pattern between each sites and the similarity of developing websites. To solve designer & developer communication issues I made it easier for a designer to completely take over front-end including coding. Currently, you can export the same UI to PHP, Twig, ASP.NET (cshtml), Swift UI, Android YAML, React Express Component, Angular JS UI, and many more to come. And supports:

  • Automatic deployment (CI/CD)
  • Automatic Version Control (create repository, create branch automatically)
  • PSD 2 HTML Converter
  • Comparing versions
  • Finding repeated/duplicate code across blocks / compiled code
  • Insert any arbitrary HTML code with any server code in it and convert to Block (Code 2 UI)
  • Icon Browser: FontAwesome, Material, Themify, many more..
  • Image Editing/Optimizing/Re-sizing/Cropping
  • Database Visualization / Management
  • Writing Boilerplate Code
  • Loops and Conditions: Write quick and secure code to loop over DB objects
  • Reuse other blocks and consolidate each blocks for separation
  • Visual CSS Editor: Edit any CSS property easily. CSS3 Support.
  • Visual JS Scripting: Write JS visually using reusable actions and allow generating code
  • Bootstrap Support
  • MVC Support
  • Full WC3 Compatibility: HTML5, CSS3
  • Latest Version Support: PHP 7, 8. ASP.NET MVC 3, Laminas (Zend), Flutter


React, PHP, JS, CSS, HTML, ASP.NET, .NET, C#, Angular JS, Machine Learning, MySQL, Python


The software itself was/is/and will be a challenge as I continue to make progress. Since each technology stack changes so rapidly these days having to keep up with each language, and changes is what allowed me to excel in numerous languages and stacks.

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