(Web / iOS / Android)

This is a complete CRM framework with easily editable Admin panel to add features using our UI Builder. Based on FUEL CMS, so it is also a fully fledged rapid CMS development kit as well.



We wanted to create a CRM that can be extended/edited without a need for a developer. So we integrated our UI Builder where a client can add new database entities and connect them on their own. Many more functions:

  • Design Complex Forms and take full control of rendering it
  • Automatic CRUD (form/list rendering) for any new tables - You do NOT need to create boilerplate CRUD functions for new entities
  • Automatic Validation on known types - Int fields will be validated against numbers, etc.
  • Create Custom DB entities (just a table) on your own - You can design the form, customize the fields and start capturing data
  • Build simple to Complex reporting on Custom DB entities, also supports GraphQL for more flexibility
  • Secure by default: OAuth2, AES-256 supported
  • Ability to encrypt Data based on companies - One way encryption
  • Automatic API with permission control. Easy as making your Custom DB entity public and decide which methods to allow (create/update/delete) and extend on top of it to customize even further
  • User Management
  • Company Management
  • User Permissions / ACL (Group or per-user basis)
  • Visual Workflow Builder: Build Simple to Complex events from reusable tasks. Ex:
    1. When a DB model column is updated to value A
    2. Based on what value is it, route the requests to different workflows using a HUB Workflow
    3. Assign the DB entity to a certain user, or anyone in a user group, in random, round-robin, or provide an ordering Class (extensible)
    4. Email/Text that user with a custom template, which will allow you to pull any information from any of the associated DB models, WITH autocomplete
    5. Add a checklist item for that user to complete
    6. ..Conditions..
    7. When that checklist is checked off
    8. Send an email alert to Manager
  • Visual Report Builder: Using GraphQL you can build simple to complex reports and change the logic on the fly
  • Extendable Settings
  • Suitable for ANY data collection / manipulation application
  • Apps written by us and other developers:
    • Marketing Mailer
    • SEO Tools
    • Database Optimization
    • Caching
    • Chat Bot
    • Video & C2C Streaming
    • Portfolio
    • Realtor Websites
    • AD Campaign Monitor
    • Advertising
    • Ordering Interfaces
    • Blog with followers
    • Events with scheduling
    • Book Catalogue with Authors
    • Easy Cronjobs
    • Checklist & Tasks Management
    • Analytics

Thank you for the all the students for contributing their time and wonderful apps:

  • Santhosh Nanthagopal
  • Pakkiyarajah Bipunaath
  • S.Kinoshanth
  • S.Kinoshanth
  • S.Vethika
  • R.Prakeeth
  • V.Kishathanthan


LAMP, PHP, MySQL, MariaDB, MongoDB, HTML/CSS/PHP, CodeIgniter, FUEL CMS, GraphQL


Creating the various tools in short amount of time was our main challenge in this project. We hired various interns in Sri Lanka and offered a challenge with cash prizes for best and secure apps. We had tons of apps and plugins created within a month and students are still creating applications for us as part of their learning in our Academic center in Sri Lanka.


Order Management
Unlimited Customization
Company Management
Visual Workflow Builder
Custom Reports