CY Daisy

(IoT / iOS / Android)

CY Daisy allows you to take control of your thermostat or A/C from your phone. Using our iOS/Android app you can directly control the temperature of your house even when not home, set automatic schedule, and proximity triggers, in an easy to use interface.

CY Daisy Application


We were tasked with creating an iOS app and Android app that will connect to an IoT device (thermostat) that uses Particle. iOS application was written in Swift and Android was in Java. The application is capable of reading the temperature from the device, change temperature, turn fan/off, turn on heat/ac, set schedule for automatic changing of temperature based on user's proximity. ex: turn on heat when 5 miles away from house and coming towards the house.


Swift, Android Studio, Particle, Java, Photoshop


Our primary challenge was managing both iOS and Android UI interfaces. To solve our UI consistency issue, we utilized our proprietary UI building tool to only create the UI once and export it to both Swift UI and Android Yaml UI. This considerably accelerated our UI building for the project. Another challenge was to determine when the user is coming towards and away from the house as you don't want to falsely trigger the unit if they are for ex, shopping at a supermarket where the proximity is set at, we solved it by calculating their speed at various intervals to see whether they are walking or in a car that will tell us more info.


Thermostat Control
iOS App