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SOAR is a data collection and reporting application for non-profit organization specifically designed for tribal communities who are facing violence and often under served

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We compared numerous data tracking & reporting application and realized the cost was too much for the service offered which are often cumbersome to deal with when compiling reports. So, we decided to create a FREE application for non-profit organizations that is NOT only secure (AES 256), but also efficient and eye catching.


Cross-platform, Electron, Angular JS, HTML/CSS/JS, UI Builder, REST, PHP, MySQL


Our primary challenge was managing the UI for both web and desktop applications which are pretty much the same. So we decided to use a cross-platform technology, specifically Electron, that offers web technology to the desktop. Utilizing our proprietary UI Builder we were able to generate not only View, and Model as well as simple Controllers to handle CRUD functions.


  • Slicing the project cost by 50% by switching from native development that was using WPF to using cross-platform solutions in Electron, node.js and Angular as the MVC.
  • Utilizing my very own UI Builder tool I was able to quickly design complex components (ex: Navigation, Forms, List pages), and able to export the page as a full Angular component in HTML/CSS/TypeScript, which reduced the ETA by even further.
  • Automated migration of over 500 Victim Questions written in SurveyMonkey to our app (web & desktop) which alone, reduced the project cost by over 15%.


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